TYPES OF SOFTWARE’S

software, is a collection of computer programs and related data that provides the instructions for telling a computer what to do and how to do it.simply software is developed by collection of programs which is nothing but the set of instructions, where these instructions are based upon the languages we use like c,c++ and java       So, based upon these languages we create a set of instructions which makes us a program and the collection of the programs working as a module is nothing but a software. 

   Even software’s are of different types :



Desktop applications : 

Desktop applications are standalone programs that are installed on local computer. These programs mostly use local available resources on a computer. Some of the desktop application programs also make use internet for networking.

Web based application :

Web based applications are programs that are accessed over a network i.e. internet or intranet. These applications are present on a centralized web server. Web based applications are accessed through web browser. These applications are based on client-server architecture. Web based applications are easy to maintain as they are not installed on different computers so updating is easy.

Applets :

Applets are programs that can be embedded in a web page just like a image. They are delivered to a user as java bytecode and are executed by the browser’s JVM. Applets were introduced in the first version of Java. Applets is one of the most popular technology in Java. Applets are embedded in web page using embed tag.

Difference between desktop application, web based application and applet : 

Desktop Application

Web Based Application


Installed on local computer

Stored on web server

Stored on web server and expected on clients web browser’s JVM

Need your laptop or desktop to install

Can be accessed from anywhere on any desktop

Can be accessed from anywhere on any desktop

User have to updated the application

Updated by website owner

Updated by website owner

Platform independent just require JVM

Platform independent

Platform independent just require JVM

High Piracy risk

No piracy risk

Very low piracy risk

But most of the multinational companies and software industries will mainly develop the  web-based applications because, these web-based applications are globally shared and used.

With the above explanation, the languages c and c++ which is also called conventional programming languages are used to develop only the standalone applications where as the java is used to develop mainly the web-based applications and applets and it also used to develop standalone(desktop) applications.


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