what is language…?

A programming language is used to write the computer programs such as applications, servers, utilities, system programs. A program is written as a series of human understandable computer instructions that can be read by a compiler and linker and translated into machine code so that a computer can understand and run it.Each and every operation that your computers performs that instructions that someone had to write in a programming language.these has to be created, compiled and tested for a lond time and it is complex.

Past and Present Programming Languages

           We have several programming languages like in the past we have BASIC,FORTRAN,COBOL. But these languages are more complex due to the complexity facing by the programmers, C language came into existence in  1970s . The creation of the c language was a direct result of the need for a structured,efficient,high-level language that could replace  the assembly code when creating systems was a programmers language.

      Like C language we have also C++, C# and JAVA. But now most of the industries are more realistically depending on java because ot its less complexity to the programmers to write the programs and also to learn very effectively.   


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