Java was conceived by James Gosling, Patrick Naughton , Chris Warth , Ed Frank and ike Sheridan at  Sun Microsystems , 1991. It took 18 months to develop the first working version . This language was intially called “Oak” but was renamed “Java” in 1995.

Somewhat surprisingly, the original impetus for Java was not the internet! Instead, the primary motivation was the need for platform-independent (that is, architecture-neutral) language that could be used to create software to be embedded in various consumer electronic devices, such as microwave ovens and remote controls. James Gosling and others began their work on a portable , platform-independent language that could be used t produce code that would run on a variety of CPU’s under different environments. This effort ultimately led to the creation of Java.

Java is also a programmers language. Second Java is cohesive and logically consistent. Java gives you the programmer, full control. if you program well, your programs reflect it. If you program poorly , your programs reflect that too. Because of the similarities between Java and C++, it is tempting to think  o Java as a simply the “internet version if C++.” However, to do so would be a large mistake. Java was not the enhanced version of C++. Java was not designed to replace C++. Java was designed to solve a certain set of problems .

                       why Java is important to the internet ?

The reason for this is quite simple: Java expands the universe of objects that can move about freely in cyberspace . In  a network two very broad categories of objects are transmitted between the server and your personal computer : passive information and dynamic , active programs. For example when you reas your e-mail , you are viewing passive data . Even when you are download a program code is still only passive data until you execute it , However a second type of object can be transmitted to your computer : a dynamic , self-executing program. Such a program might be provided by the server to display properly the data that the server is sending.

    As desirable as dynamic , networked programs are , they also present serious problems in the areas of security and portability . Therefore an exciting new form of program was introduced by the Java that is APPLET 


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